THE NEXT LEVEL –coaching for firms and organizations

Coaching is particularly aimed for firms and organizations improving their employees’ wellbeing, but is also suitable for anyone caring about the community’s quality of life. Coaching leads towards better results whether it is about inspiration and motivation at the workplace, clarifying communication, enhancing the sales, development of interaction skills, or bringing new insights into the decision making process. The aim is to increase the success and wellbeing of the participants not only at work but also in life in general through the eye-opening discoveries.

Coaching for firms and organizations can include both personal and group coaching.

Group coaching at its best is a lot like an interactive lecture and workshop involving the participants in the process to guarantee best possible outcomes when moving to the next level. The lectures and workshops offer discoveries and new ideas about yourself and your environment.

Choose the theme most interesting to you from the alternatives below or ask for the best fit for your unique needs.


  • Customer service redefined
  • Tools for the sales kit
  • Meaningful communication
  • Leadership in daily life
  • Insights to good cooperation

Coaching, lectures and workshops can be one-off sessions or consist of several sessions.


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